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Loving, Serving, Helping, Giving 

in our Relationships

Encouraging Marriages and Families



1) My Heavenly Father's Eyes    2) Mothers with Sons   


My Heavenly 

Father's Eyes

My Heavenly Father's Eyes is a "Relationship Building Ministry" encouraging individuals to see people the way God sees them.  We must see them not just with our eyes, but with our hearts; hearts filled with God's Holy Spirit and His unconditional love!

Individuals with their Heavenly Father's eyes don't focus just on a person's faults, but see what that person is capable of through Jesus Christ. Then, marriages & homes are stronger and our churches more unified. We are then better equipped to stand together against the enemy! 

Mo‚Äčthers with Sons

Mothers with Sons is a special time of prayer and encouragement every Tuesday at 8:00 pm via Zoom. 

Motherhood is a ministry and we are encouraged to see our role as a gift from God.

We are encouraged to never stop praying for our sons. We declare that they will be great husbands, fathers and citizens. They will be boys and men who love God with all their hearts and they will walk in their God-ordained purposes.

We are always praying for their salvation, for positive relationships and for other people who impact the lives of our sons.


(Pronounced "talk") The TAWCH ministry teaches our young people to 

THINK ABOUT WHAT CAN HAPPEN when they are faced with seemingly dangerous or hazardous situations; think before they make a choice that could negatively change their lives forever...forever!